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Manhole Rehabilitation

Manhole rehabilitation is a cost-effective solution for the repair of aging or damaged manholes. This innovative application is a much cheaper alternative than structure replacement and provides a lasting solution.

  • Add sealing from infiltration
  • Inspection & rehabilitation
  • Cleaning
  • General maintenance and repair


  • Undisturbed surroundings while rehab in process
  • Creates a water-tight seal from infiltration
  • Repairs and protects from H2S damage
  • Cost savings on sewer treatment
  • Reenforces the structural integrity of failing manholes

Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing is one of the safest and most efficient ways of inspecting both your main and lateral lines for potential issues in your sanitary sewer system.
This provides a great way of identifying common defects such as:
• Cracked Pipe
• Illegal sewer lateral taps in sewer lines
• Additional method of locating buried manholes
Fast and efficient, smoke testing produces immediate results that can be acted on quickly – often at minimal expense to the homeowner or municipality.


pipeline video

Pipeline Video Inspection

Regular pipeline inspection is crucial to sustaining the lifespan of wastewater networks. M & M’s pipeline video inspection solutions can help ensure pipelines are functioning properly and provide operators with a visual of actual internal pipeline conditions.

Using our CCTV method with Pipelogic/Granite Net Software will provide video, TV logs, and still pictures. With this technology, we provide four reports of all defects, infiltration and offset joints, root intrusion, and crushed or cracked pipes.

CCTV Services:

  • Pre/Post rehabilitation inspections
  • Steerable crawlers to reach any location
  • Clean and televises 6” and up
  • Tracked Easement Machine to reach difficult locations

CIPP Lining

This method can effectively solve most issues in pipeline systems without digging, saving businesses thousands of dollars in costs and time.


Pipe-rehab under roads and structures where digging is not ideal or possible Eliminates the possibilities for pipes to become root bound after application. CIPP lining is also cheaper than many other options.

cipp lining