All sewer systems need maintained


Based out of East Tennessee M and M Pipe Services is a woman owned family business that specializes in cleaning and CCTV of underground utility. Smoke testing, as-builts, and search and discovery of lost or buried manholes just scratches the surface of our range of available services. Because we are family owned, we know what it means to be treated like family and we would be honored to welcome you to ours.


M&M provides a full spectrum of services covering every aspect of the piping industry.  Including remote/hard to reach locations.

We specialize in inspecting & televising sewer and storm drains for municipalities, cities, towns, and companies – including providing contracting assistance in cleaning and televising for sewer rehabilitation.

We offer free consultations and custom solutions for any situation.


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Pipeline Video Inspection

Regular pipeline inspection is crucial to sustaining the lifespan of wastewater networks.  M & M’s pipeline video inspection solutions can help ensure pipelines are functioning properly and provide operators with a visual of actual internal pipeline conditions.

Using our CCTV method with Pipelogic Software/Cobra Tech. will provide video, TV logs, and still pictures.  With this technology, we provide four reports of all defects, infiltration and offset joints, root intrusion, and crushed or cracked pipe.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is one of the most effective methods of inspecting both your main and lateral lines for potential issues in your sanitary sewer system.  This provides a great way of identifying common defects such as:

  • cracked pipe

  • illegal sewer lateral taps in sewer lines

  • additional method of locating buried manholes

Fast and efficient, smoke testing produces immediate results that can be acted on quickly – often at minimal expense to the homeowner or municipality.